Childhood Everlasting

Family Portraiture in the Bay Area

I know what you’re thinking as you tuck your little one into bed and kiss their forehead goodnight, because I’ve thought it too: please, never grow up. 


And while we can’t stop them from getting older, there is a way to make these memories last. 


Long enough for you to relive these moments for the rest of your life. 


Long enough to pass down these moments to your children as they begin their own families. 


That is the magic of family portrait photography. 


“I’m fascinated by Torrey’s ability to capture beautiful moments in the midst of chaos. Family photos with toddlers or babies involve a lot of different emotions and people running in different directions. I’m always worried she won’t get a single usable shot and am astounded when she sends me a million great ones.”

— Margot D.