Meet Torrey Fox

Photographer, Mother, Wife, Businesswoman, Artist

I think I was born to be a photographer. 


Which is why I can’t help but laugh when people talk of “work-life balance.” 


Of course I don’t want to spend every waking moment of my life working. But my work is my life. And my life is my work. They are intertwined. 


I can’t help but see my little girls, Belle and Lila, on a playground and feel a compulsory need to take a snapshot. 


I can’t help but talk with my husband — a fellow photographer who you just might meet as my assistant at one of my shoots — about photography until the early hours of the morning. It’s one of the reasons why I love him so much. 


I can’t help but pass by a flower and think back to where my love of photography began, in my horticulturist parents’ garden shooting English roses as homework for my high school photography class. 


My greatest wish, as an artist, is that you can feel how much I love this work when you look at my images. Because when you look at one of my photographs, you’re not just seeing a happy couple or a growing family — you’re seeing my heart.

“Torrey is the sweetest person — so positive, hardworking, and enthusiastic. You can see her putting her heart and soul into capturing the images you want. She really goes the extra mile in a way many photographers don't.”

— Elizabeth P.

Photographing a Wedding in Stinson Beach